Modi vs Rahul vs Kejriwal

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Who will India vote for?

 A hardcore Hindu nationalist who's alleged role in Gujarat riots horrified Muslim minorities or a progressive leader who took Gujarat to new heights in terms of development? An utterly confused shehazada who is insufficiently confident to face his first interview after 10 years of political career or the heir of India's first family who is trying to change the culture of 100 year old party? A self-proclaimed anarchist who prefers street fights over administration or a common man who created hopes of a corruption free alternate political system.

I want to express my views on this soon to be ending discussion (May 16 result day). Most of the people would have already made their mind on whom to vote by now.

. People talk about vote banks. But Indian voting population has many classes and sub classes where many voters simultaneously fall in to multiple classes. For example we have a young Hindu backward class girl working in a trade union Padma. She is a non minority, backward class, woman, trade union worker voter, Here she is falling in to 4 different voter classes usually assumed to have different voting patterns. So whom will Padma vote?

Communist parties are very idealistic in nature. But they are limited to just 2 major states of this country, Because most of the voting population that is coming from newly emerging middle class don't want a communist to rule them. Till 1990s Indian voting pattern used to be influenced by the people below poverty line. But this pattern is slowly changing due to increased middle class population, thanks to economic reforms by PV Narasimharao. This middle class want some one who can be decisive, who will not throw business houses out of India where these class see future for their kids. They are not in search of a Idealist leader. Because common people are not idealistic. They are realistic and they want realistic leaders.

In my opinion there is a gap between Idealistic politics and Realistic politics. All these new leaders are emerging from the gap and slowly sliding towards realistic politics. Kejriwal has this communist flavor in his actions and ideals. But he is creating hopes in some sections of people who are fed up with corruption. But he ll not be accepted by middle class for his Ambani and Adani slogan. Rahul stands exactly in middle of the gap between idealism and realism. His party is filled with realistic politicians who he wants to drag towards his ideals.But his lack of confidence shows in his "mera daadi ko maar diya" expression. People are neither sympathetic towards him or his party. Modi has the blood on his hands for which some sects of the voters may not vote for him. But majority of the voters are realistic and they are looking for a man of actions. They may ignore his bloodshed hands.

Modi is not perfect but he is better alternative for those who are less concerned about past.

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